Product no.: 280061

Wooden garden shed cheap Aachen 3,00 m x 3,00 m shed cheap models with or without top solar garden shed in price and performance

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Product no.: 20-280061

Wood floor, for example, for model Aachen 9 square meters massive 20mm thick - boards, wood boards planing quality tongue and groove

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New (Farbton: Rot Schwedenrot)

Weatherproof for indoor and outdoor color tested, up to 10 years long-term protection in the colors red Swedish red, moss green, dusty blue

Farbton: Rot Schwedenrot
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Product no.: QVVRV 4

Guttering set QVVRV 4 PVC rain gutter , half round for garden houses / units houses with pitched roof to roof 4 m length

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Product no.: G28-1806135

Gori 28 impregnating reason Effective depth Bläueschutzgrund + high penetration depth for mushroom endangered woods outdoors

85.68 / 5 l *

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