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In our enterprise pollution free products develop from high-quality wood excluding. In particular on a previous, careful selection of the raw material after quality mark (PEFC & ) We put highest value to FSC. The indications of responsible forest - forestry. The massif wood consists an again and again naturally regenerating product, which is equipped with lives and color by nature of slowly grown mountain spruce and fir. From nature-left Nordic resinous wood and regional spruce, we manufacture garden and leisure houses in log construction method also, doubles groove and Feder' ' or three-fold groove profile in the wall thicknesses of 28mm - 180mm and in the wood stand system to 240mm wall thickness.

It is however because of the buyer to decide, how and to which extent its blockhouse is to be equipped. If you concern yourselves with the thought, spare time - or blockhouse to build, small or largely, naturally also with own ideas, then you take up contact without obligation with us.

Our competent coworkers have the necessary specialized knowledge and ensure for the fact that, individual desires also failed can be considered problem-free - legends you us calmly, which you want to make and we it possible.

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                                Mister Bastian                                       Misses Piel

                                E-Mail: bastian-holz(at)t-online(dot)de   Kundenservice

With been promoted production engineering, sophisticated constructions, excellent craftsmen and technical coworkers with long timber frames & Block farmer driving, gives it only a delimitation: Their own fantasy. And that are well-known measure no borders set. Gladly we dispatch the detailed quality criteria of our houses to you. For an building application (if necessary) receive with us also statics - a proof.

As a competent partner we are always at your disposal.

Sample house - inspection daily from 9.00 - 17,00 o'clock

Certification Environmental policy is drawing... The issue of sustainability and environmental friendliness since always been a high priority. Therefore, we attach particular importance to the fact that the established quality related Garden House lumber regions and forests where sustainable forestry is operated. That is, from stable and managed according to high environmental standards forests, from which only as much wood is taken from, and grows back. The paint and varnish systems used and the industrial application procedures for our natural garden house, correspond to the latest state of the art , especially from environmental perspective. The environmental policy and future-oriented basic setting of the product through to corporate governance document several certificates:

PEFC certification Forestry operations can be certified by the certification system PEFC (Programme for the endorsement of forest certification schemes ). This confirms that they are a natural and sustainable management of the forest - operate - and thus also the raw material wood. In the wood consumption chain downstream firms must be verified by the PEFC CoC certification to be able to receive their raw material from such managed forests. 

FSC The Forest Stewardship Council is an international , nonprofit organization with the goal of using to make a seal environmentally and socially responsible forest management on products visible. Worldwide over 127 million hectares of forest are FSC certified (as of 2010 ). With the help of the FSC COC certification of origin of the raw material for the products from these forests can be demonstrated.

The Blue Angel The coating compositions marked with this sign are considered by the Federal Environmental Agency to RAL UZ 12 (No. 13549 ) This voluntary testing gives you confidence that you have chosen for low emission products

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