Product no.: 192222-1

Garden House Frankfurt cheap, sturdy log cabin with Leimholztür and real glass lens width 2.20 m x 2.20 m depth the different sizes 

788.60 *

Not Available, on order only


Product no.: 25022011

Roofing felt roofing felt V13 sanded fits as overlapping roofing installed on every roof looks good

21.88 *

in ca. 8-10 Werk days

Product no.: G28-1806135

Gori 28 impregnating reason Effective depth Bläueschutzgrund + high penetration depth for mushroom endangered woods outdoors

85.68 / 5 l *

Not Available, on order only

Wood preservative 10 different colors for the outside. Decorative and protective wood finish in wood tones to timber members 

43.85 / 5 l *

in ca. 3-5 Werk days

New (Farben: antrahzit/grau)

Roofing Asphalt shingles roofing square roofing asphalt shingles in the color Anthracite / Grey / Black

Farben: antrahzit/grau
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in ca. 8-10 Werk days