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Our new, patented, ultra lightweight plastic tiles (Firstziegel) made in Germany a new dimension of bricks for garden sheds, carports, canopies and for the renovation of old buildings. Unbeatable arguments for Bieber over bricks. Extremely easy to install. Lightweight, approximately 70% lighter than a clay brick. Holds easily withstand extreme loads (storm and hail resistant). Low vulnerability to thatch, spalling or frost damage. Lesser requirement of substructure, as further staff stations. Approx. 20% brick savings because less required coverage. Intelligent alternative for Bitumen shingles, tar paper and corrugated plastic sheets. No losses due to breakage during installation. Easy to edit. Environmentally friendly as 100% recyclable Kunstsoff. Colorfast and UV resistant. Insulating. Made in Germany

Parts sold. Roof tiles. Ridge tiles. Brick parentheses. Completion brick (above). Completion brick (below). Completion brick (left). Completion brick (right). In the colors of Auburn us anthracite type approval The tile "beaver" has as plastic roof covering of garden houses, porches and Caports an official type approval of ift Rosenheim. This corresponds to the List A, edition 2011/1 with serial No. needs for homes or in the renovation of old buildings in the use of the tile "The Beaver" a country-specific approval must be applied.

Fire rating ift Rosenheim has reviewed the tiles "beaver" plastic in December 2011 of its fire behavior. The tile "beaver" was accordingly klasszfiziert as roofing of garden sheds, carports and canopies with CLASS E Reaction to fire EN 13501-1. Light and weather fastness test, the plastic bricks "Beaver" a light and weather resistance test was subjected. The audit was conducted in accordance with DIN EN ISO 4892 Part 2 The Versuchsergeblnis after 8 years showed no material damage. The color was a shade lighter after this time.

Instructions for installation, use battens in size 5 x 3 cm (48 x 24mm) recommended batten distances. Roof pitch 12 degrees, about 16 cm apart. Roof pitch 22 degrees, about 19 cm apart. Roof pitch 30 degrees, about 22 cm apart brick tile base size approx 380mm x 180mm Weight 600g required roof pitch 12 degrees, about 16 cm distance / about 30pcs. / M² roof pitch 22 degrees, about 19 cm distance / ca . 28STK / m² roof pitch 30 degrees, about 22 cm distance / ca 26STK / m² compared shingles weights about 10kg per square plastic tiles approximately 18kg per square tiles -. tone about 54kg per square meter you have questions about the novelty, Bieber ' '? We will advise you individually and

Ridge tile ridge tile dimensions approx 365mm x 190/160mm Weight 800g need ridge tiles running meter 3Stk approx. / M


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